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Sanctuary on the outskirts of Japan’s beautiful Setoda Port — Soil Setoda

A scenic bridge expressway known as Shimanami Kaido stretches across the clear sea from Japan’s main island Honshu to the island of Shikoku — attracting cyclists from around the world. Halfway across this expressway lies Ikuchi Island, the lemon capital of Japan renowned for its warm weather and low annual rainfall.

Soil Setoda opened on Ikuchi Island in April 2021 as part of a project to revitalize a local shopping district. Its 140-year-old renovated storehouse and newly built living facilities feature a restaurant, tourist information center, living room lounge, accommodations and more from where visitors can experience the local charms of Setoda.

The complex was designed by a young design team, Studio Dig, in collaboration with a local trading company (Shiomachi Kikaku) that is striving to revitalize the Setoda economy.

On the first floor of the “Kura” storehouse, local residents promote fishing tours, lemon-picking excursions, cooking classes and marine activities. There is also a specialty coffee roaster, Japan’s first Overview Coffee shop, which is committed to environmental causes and offers coffee tasting workshops where customers can broaden their experience and refine their tastes.

A comfortable rest area in one corner lets visitors relax on a spacious built-in sofa beneath beautiful landscape photos of Setoda. The sofa is gently wrapped with soothing brown Ultrasuede® that complements the darker brown walls for a healing atmosphere that helps reduce travel fatigue.

At Minatoya restaurant on the first floor of the living quarters known as “Living”, customers can dine on seasonal local produce and seafood cooked on the hearth. A lounge beside the restaurant lets travelers and locals relax or work remotely using power outlets and free WiFi. Sofas in the lounge wrapped with soothing green Ultrasuede® and complemented by beige Ultrasuede® cushions encourage visitors to slow down and unwind.

On the second floor of the living quarters there are four private guestrooms with desks and closets, as well as one bedroom with bunk beds for up to four guests. All rooms provide views, a refreshing sea breeze, and walls covered in Ultrasuede® for a relaxing atmosphere. The elegant spaces fill with softly glowing sunlight in harmony with the beautiful scenery of Setoda.

Shelves for coffee cups, etc. in the private rooms are lined with brown Ultrasuede® for a comforting design accent. The relaxing atmosphere with stunning view of the Seto Inland Sea will likely encourage many visitors to enjoy medium-to long-term work vacations.

Soil Setoda is helping to invigorate Setoda Port by strengthening connections with the world. Transcending public and private sectors, it serves as both a community hub and cornerstone of regional revitalization.



Shomachi Kikaku

Shomachi Kikaku was established in 2019 as a “regional trading company” dedicated to revitalizing the economy of the entire Setoda region through small community developments. Rather than focusing on fleeting tourism trends, the company works with the locals to strengthen their communities’ charms so that the locals, as well as travelers who experience their daily lives, want to live there in the future.


STUDIO DIG. Kosuke Yoneyama

— Places emphasis on the space that meets the needs of modern times, quality materials that express the space.To express identity of each client’s passion, STUDIO DIG.,digs original materials which it is unusual and unique. What I cherish is “digging” = analog work like DIG.
The real feeling when touching things directly changes into inspiration.