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HERBBY upcycled flower vases point the way forward

Large amounts of fabric are produced around the world to make clothing. Yet only 15% actually becomes clothes. The remaining 5 million tons per year are incinerated or used as landfilll – a waste of resources that burdens both workers and the natural environment.

Upcycled flower vases were conceived of to make practical use of leftover fabric. The fabric is wrapped around glass and plastic bottles to create flower vases instead of being disposed of. Since the vases are handmade, the particular characteristics of the leftover fabric can be optimally utilized. The fabric can also be folded and space-efficiently stored away when not in use.

Upcycled flower vases were recently exhibited at the Shinsaibashi PARCO SkiiMa Gallery by HERBBY, the lifestyle enhancing brand. They contained real wild flowers arranged by flower arrangement artist YANSHO that filled the space with color. The vases were displayed in front of walls featuring silk screen works by contemporary artist Masanao Hirayama that expressed the HERBBY world view.

HERBBY founder Toshiki Yagisawa also organizes the annual Japan Photo Award competition as a gateway to success for young photographers in Japan, and manages bag brand TOSHIKI in collaboration with up-and-coming artists like MM/Paris and dis.

While there is currently a flood of products touted as “upcycled”, many of these products are unsophisticated in design and philosophy. HERBBY’s beautiful, cultivated upcycled flower vases made from ordinary plastic bottles convey the potential of leftover fabric in the wasteful fashion industry.

The vases are accented by Ultrasuede ® HP, which Toray has been manufacturing with a polymer recovery process since 2010. Toray is further reducing environmental impact through such efforts. So the vases were in essence a collaboration by two like-minded companies.

For a peek at revolutionary, eye-catching HERBBY products that present the future from a new perspective, why not visit the HERBBY website (https://herbby.studio).



Upcycled flower vases produced by Toshiki Yanagisawa.
HERBBY, launched in 2020, creates flower-related products and foods based on an ecological perspective and vegan philosophy.



A bag brand by Japanese designer Toshiki Yagisawa. Created in collaboration with M/M Paris and released through J.W.Anderson Workshops, TOSHIKI bags are attracting widespread attention. The brand has also announced the release of goods produced in collaboration with popular illustrator Masanao Hirayama.