025: Interior


SkiiMa at Shinsaibashi PARCO.
Supporting the work styles of a new era.

PARCO’s first coworking space, SkiiMa, is located on the 4th floor of Osaka’s popular Shinsaibashi PARCO shopping center, which opened in 2020.

SkiiMa is a gathering place where people who know what they like can work how they want to – the ultimate form of self-expression.

As you pass through the entrance, you are greeted by a gallery space where users hold exhibitions, erect pop-up shops and more. A lounge in the back welcomes everyone with an open atmosphere that encourages connecting with others.

Most of the lounge furniture was produced by Jasper Morrison and the tables are covered with the reverse side of common veneer for an interesting effect.

More noteworthy are the four-shelf collections of personal items showcasing the hobbies of unique people in Osaka.

One of the current collections is owned by Mr. Sonoda, the owner of Taishu Shokudo Stand Sonoda, Typhoon Hanten and other restaurants loved by young people in Osaka. Another collection is by Mr. Sakamoto of the Voyage Kids gallery that conveys new culture from Shinsekai. The third collection presents vintage American dolls, 7-inch records, etc. owned by DJ/musician halfby, otherwise known as “chewiie shop”.

Also on display is the Monohyaku women’s team selection of small fashion accessories that became a hot topic at MIDORI.so Gallery in Shibuya PARCO. New collections by Osaka’s hottest cultural leaders are periodically displayed and all items in the collections can be purchased online.

Phyle, the company that designed the current displays, made the collections stand out by placing Ultrasuede® behind the shelves. The high quality of the material blends naturally with the various textures of the items on display. Ultrasuede® also covers the fronts of private desks to complement surrounding tones and help workers feel comfortably wrapped in gentle textures.

SkiiMa is available not only to members, but also to employees of the shopping center. This direct involvement in promoting new work styles is another attraction of the space.

For PARCO, the shared office is an exciting new endeavor. We hope the Ultrasuede® featured here and there throughout the facility is helping everyone connect with what they like.



This two-designer team plans, designs and produces various spaces. It also creates handmade products under the BP. Tokyo brand and uses vast knowledge of materials to collaborate with craftsmen on the production of custom display fixtures.

The team was selected to create a venue space for the reception because of its skill at bridging design and craftsmanship and its eagerness to boldly take on new challenges.