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About TALKING Ultrasuede®

TALKING Ultrasuede® is all about creators and how their imagination and insights led them to select our product from among a wide world of materials. It is a collection of fascinating stories that introduce their creations and reveal a behind-the- scenes glimpse of their making and their discovery of the Unlimited Possibilities of Ultrasuede®.

Organizer: Talking Ultrasuede® Office
Date of Establishment: September 1, 2016
Sponsor: Toray Industries, Inc.

About Ultrasuede®

The soft texture and feel of premium suede and availability in a wide range of exquisite colors. High functionality and superior durability. All-weather comfort and breathability plus carefree maintenance. Welcome to the Unlimited Possibilities of Utrasuede®.

Invented by TORAY Industries Inc. and based on combining our innovative ultra microfibers in a non-woven fabric using our high advanced processing technology, Ultrasuede® is the “Made in Japan” suede-like material that promises high functionality with elegance and texture that resonates emotionally.

As we continue to diversify the possible uses of Ultrasuede®, applications have expanded beyond everyday lifestyle uses such as fashion and interior applications. Today it is used in automotive and aircraft interiors, sports gear, smart phone and mobile devices, and accessories. It is also increasingly finding application in new industrial fields.

If you are a professional in the design and manufacturing industry and and would like to learn more about our Ultrasuede® or obtain sample swatches, please click on the “Contact us” link below and complete the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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