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Shoes that seamlessly connect business and private life

In Japan there’s a new trend for people to value matters of spiritual wealth, such as good relationships and work satisfaction, over matters of material wealth like salary and project size.

When contemplating this trend, co-working space innovator MIDORI.so wondered if shoes could express the evolving “work and play” culture. After all, many people in Japan change their shoes when arriving at the office to mentally switch from private to work mode. Perhaps slipper-like shoes for indoor and outdoor use could make people feel more comfortable whether working or playing.

With this thinking in mind, MIDORI.so collaborated with N.G.R., led by designer Makoto Nagura, to develop a unique bespoke handmade sneaker called “WORK ON/ON SHOES”. It features a Vibram outsole for durable outdoor use and a Ultrasuede® upper that combines outdoor-shoe quality with indoor-shoe comfort. Ultrasuede® also keeps weight to a minimum, which is welcome in both indoor and outdoor shoes.

Mr. Nagura, the designer, previously used Ultrasuede® at a “First shoes WORKSHOP” and received many comments about its surprisingly light weight. Since Ultrasuede® also offers a high-quality suede texture, he decided to use it in these shoes for adults and was pleased to find the shoes even lighter than expected.

Classy gray outside and neon yellow inside, the design is reminiscent of the 90s’ neon multi-color boom. The color vegetable tanned leather insole, stamped with “N.G.R.” and “MIDORI.so”, changes color over time to become a personal expression. Since Ultrasuede® offers many color variations, every member of MIDORI.so plans to develop shoes with different Ultrasuede® color combinations in the future.

Wearing “WORK ON/ON SHOES” to stay switched on at all times can positively impact both work and play. It’s a product with the potential to enrich people’s lives.

WORK ON/ON SHOES are only available online on a made-to-order basis.



Following graduation from a school specializing in shoemaking, he was employed by Kobe Leather Cloth Co., Ltd. and mastered shoe tree/pattern modeling. In 2008, he established Bespoke shoes N.G.R. products. The brand name N.G.R., which stands for “Next Gravity Revolution”, expresses liberation from the forces of gravity. It is a shoe brand that explores the “next level” of footwear that considers history an asset. In 2011, he launched his popular N.G.R. baby shoes workshops, and in 2015, he opened his combination shoe atelier and shop in Asakusa.

Suzuki Bldg. 1F, 7-1-12 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed Wednesdays)


Midoriso is a place where members from different jobs / nationalities / interests and ideas gather creating groups of associates. This new groups made of entrepreneurs are the base to pursue potential ways of working together in the future. Same as Tokiwa.so, the famous atelier where several manga masters worked before being recognized we believe in the individual potential of each member at Midori.so.