029: Interior


The menu changes every day to match
the mood at HOME PLANET in Kichijoji.

HOME PLANET, which encourages creativity through food, opened.
Enjoy a healthy dish that complements the mood and daily happenstance in Kichijoji.

Located in a trendy area near Kichijoji Station, HOME PLANET cafe bar restaurant hasn’t had a fixed menu since it opened in November 2020. Instead, 15 chefs vary the menu every day depending on the prevailing mood, best ingredients available, feelings they want to impart and chance factors like temperature and weather.

The creative food is not only delicious, but vigor enhancing and gentle to the body. Many snacks, for example, are packed with vegetables and go perfectly with natural wines.

HOME PLANET is often filled with musicians, videographers and artists thanks to the extensive personal connections of owner George Kondo, a highly experienced creative director involved in event planning and spatial design who also runs the FABIENNE music label. Customers enjoy the creative atmosphere where East meets West, rare ingredients can be enjoyed and food is treated as art. Every visit brings a fresh surprise.

Combining a café, restaurant, kakuuchi (traditional Japanese liquor shop and bar) and small supermarket, HOME PLANET gives customers the freedom to eat and drink as they please. Like a cultural magnet, it also attracts artists and musicians to gather for impromptu live performances such as DJ events.

In this creative space where sensibilities abound, Ultrasuede® is a fabric of choice. It lines the shelves of bookcases beneath the bar counter showcasing books selected by visiting artists and music LPs for sale. Its warm salmon pink and calm lotus green colors harmonize creatively with the room decor. Ultrasuede® also covers the turntables and audio speakers that play songs selected by artists.

Since the books and records are constantly changing, impressions of the establishment also change day by day. Ultrasuede® flexibly complements the unpredictable balance of food, culture and visitors. While playing a supporting role, it makes a positive difference that everyone can feel.


George Kondo (Representative of uto Ltd.)

Born in Tokyo in 1985.
Graduated from Seikei University.
Established uto Ltd. in 2013.

George believes in the power of art and design to nurture dreams and enrich hearts by changing usual rhythms and giving birth to new moments.

His planning and production projects range from events, food and music to space design, graphic design and urban development.