030: Interior


A cocoon-like telework booth wraps you
in silence at NIB’s dynamic coworking space

In April 2022, Tokyu Land Corporation opened the experimental NIB coworking space near Sakuragaoka exit at Shibuya Station where large-scale redevelopment is taking place until fiscal 2023.

NIB (short for NIB WORKSPACE by MIDORI.so.) experimentally introduces projects and content related to “working, playing and living” in collaboration with large commercial and office facilities that will open when station redevelopment is complete.

The interior of NIB was designed and constructed by Tokyu Re・design, with Tatsuya Sasaki supervising interior design and art curation. He was previously involved in various furniture and gallery space projects as well as renovation of the Midori-so workspace in Nakameguro, Tokyo.

NIB resides on the third to sixth floors of a business complex and provides a community lounge on the third floor where chance encounters and casual conversations can be enjoyed. Events are sometimes held there, such as a regular food fest in collaboration with Takigahara Farm, which is featured on the TALKING Ultrasuede® website.

The fourth to sixth floors offer various types of workspaces for companies and individuals including fixed seats, single-person booths, group booths and meeting rooms. One of these shared office spaces called Crypt Base is targeted at people who are interested in Web3. It attracts not only Web3 entrepreneurs, but also DAO project participants and NFT artists.

In addition, a special telephone booth with Ultrasuede®️ on the exterior wall has been installed in the 3rd floor lounge as a telework space. The project was conducted as a collaboration research project between the Keisuke KITAGAWA Laboratory of the Nagoya Institute of Technology and LIFULL Co., Ltd., and students participated in the entire process from idea to installation.

Ultrasuede® wraps 20cm-long strips of soundproof, heatproof foam that seamlessly cover the entire booth, including its door, like the bellows of an accordion. The elegant orange and green pattern harmonizes with furniture and art in the space.

There is only enough space in the booth for a single person, and closing the door creates a silence perfect for focusing on meetings and phone calls. Members say the Ultrasuede® gently wraps them in a sense of reassurance reminiscent of a cocoon.

Having such an experience in a dynamic work environment is unique to NIB. It lets members fully tune in to important work when necessary.



Professor of Architecture and Design, Graduate School of Nagoya Institute of Technology
CEO of LIFULL ArchiTech, Inc.

Keisuke KITAGAWA worked in architectural design at Reiser+Umemoto Architects in New York. Doctor of Engineering from Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2001. After working as an Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at NITech, he has been a Professor at the Graduate School since 2018. After about 20 years of experience in architectural design and architectural education in Japan and abroad, he devised future-oriented architecture and cities based on intellectual property, and promoted commercialization with practical application. Visiting Fellow at Princeton University, U.S.A. in 2017-2018. Professional in the field of building system and inventor of Instant House technology. President of LIFULL ArchiTech, Inc. since 2019. He received the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2014 and other awards.