020: Interior

Laugh Out

A new kind of co-working space for thinking,
creating and communicating. Laugh Out makes everything fun.

A new community-based space called Laugh Out opened in Tokyo in July 2019. Established by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. Ltd. as a space for co-creating and co-working, it’s managed by Midoriso, which has delivered many new co-working innovations and plans new collaborations in the future.

Yoshimoto Kogyo employs many of Japan’s top comedians and is now developing unique talent to inspire Japan. The company is striving to nurture next-generation creators in this co-working space based on a CREATE TOGETHER concept.

Laugh Out is located in Jinnan, Shibuya, which is undergoing its first major redevelopment in 100 years. An original broadcast station will open in the building to deliver various content via community radio programs under a “create” theme. A space for video distribution is currently provided and graphic production equipment will be installed in the future.

Another Laugh Out will open in Nakatsu, Osaka on October 1, 2019. This one will include a kitchen to allow the participation of chefs. Art exhibitions, sales and collaborations with the city are also planned.

Phyle, a young design team, is in charge of designing the space within Laugh Out. The Tokyo hub features a gently winding staircase and large windows that let sunlight fill the entire space. Phyle’s “BP.” brand of handmade lighting devices is installed to make the space even more sophisticated.

Ultrasuede® covers the pipe shafts on the first and second floor walls. It was used because the designers wanted warm suede, instead of plaster or paint, to complement the walls’ colors. The first floor is mainly white with accents in similar tones and various textures. The second floor is mainly wooden with sophisticated white flourishes.

Light blue Ultrasuede® was also adopted for the walls of the stage where talk shows and events are performed. Ultrasuede® softly wraps the space to create a peaceful atmosphere where many people gather. Its suede texture especially stands out.

At the reception party, where guests discussed next-generation workstyles on the stage, the venue was overflowing with enthusiasm. We look forward to new creativity emanating from this special place within walking distance of Yoyogi Park.



This two-designer team plans, designs and produces various spaces. It also creates handmade products under the BP. Tokyo brand and uses vast knowledge of materials to collaborate with craftsmen on the production of custom display fixtures.

The team was selected to create a venue space for the reception because of its skill at bridging design and craftsmanship and its eagerness to boldly take on new challenges.