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ADDress Wagon

ADDress Wagon, the best choice for address hoppers.
Spend creative time in a comfortable mobile space.

ADDress co-living service lets you live in various shared spaces all over Japan for as little as 40,000 yen per month. Most properties are renovated vacant homes or vacation homes with three bedrooms and a combined kitchen-living-dining area for living and working.

Now the service is offering ADDress Wagon, a service that carries up to seven adults between the properties while letting them work, dine and sleep along the way. Larger than most vans, the vehicle is a 1998 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with an interior the size of a Japanese living room.

Except for mechanical repairs, the vehicle is untouched to preserve its somewhat aged appearance.

But an eco-board roof deck with aluminum and stainless steel frame and lightweight aluminum ladder has been added to accommodate up to four adults when the vehicle is parked. Arranging a tent and beach chairs on top for meetings and relaxation makes it look like a poolside deck.

Inside, comfortable second and third row seats are arranged to face each other with a table in between for meetings and dining. The seats are covered in soft suede textured Ultrasuede® for extra comfort when passengers are seated or lying down on seats that have been folded flat to serve as beds.

The soft texture contributes to a relaxing atmosphere whether passengers are working or taking breaks, and it helps grip their bodies more snuggly while the vehicle is cornering. In addition, its soft ivory color complements the relaxing environment and encourages creativity.

ADDress Wagon carries tenants to nicely furnished rooms that can be stayed in for up to seven days before moving on to the next one. The monthly fee covers all utilities, as well as Wi-Fi connection and various room amenities. For address hoppers with few belongings who prefer to move around rather than stay in one place, there is no better choice than ADDress Wagon. It opens up creative new lifestyle possibilities.


Shogo Jinbo

Born in Fukuoka City in Fukuoka Prefecture. Following graduation from the School of Law of Fukuoka University, he joined the UK-based car magazine INTERSECTION and studied overseas in London. In the course of his studies, he mastered both video editing and graphic design. He returned to Japan for the launch of the Japanese edition of INTERSECTION JAPAN, and joined the company that published the magazine, CAELUM Ltd. In 2014, he launched the online motor magazine DRIVE THRU where he presently works.

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