018: Interior


A relaxing atmosphere with soothing colors and textures
for chilling out and enjoying your own private music fest

The brilliant blue Smoke Caravan co-produced by JT and Media Surf Communications and designed by STUDIO DIG. has been showing up at music festivals in Japan since 2017.

When you step inside, you discover a relaxing private lounge emanating warmth from wooden furnishings like a curved bench that flows into a paneled wall and ceiling. The interior concept is “for music loving smokers from the 1970s” and everything about the atmosphere conveys this feeling. The air conditioner, monitor and other modern elements are even covered with speaker grill cloth so they blend in with the old style of the room.

A library of books on international music culture spreads before you when seated on the wooden bench. You can freely read the books, as well as play any of the 70’s albums that are displayed to your left, including John Coltrane’s “Blue Train”.

The blues theme is reinforced by blue Ultrasuede® lining behind the record shelves. Its soothing color and texture complement the warmth of the wood to create an atmosphere where visitors can escape the crowds, relax and enjoy music at a deeper level.

Since debuting at Fuji Rock Festival in July 2017, the Smoke Caravan has toured the Rock in Japan Festival、Music Circus and Ultra Japan. Numerous music lovers have browsed the books, played the records and enjoyed their own private blues festival while music blared outside.



We’re a team that produces urban culture projects and events. We plan and manage various projects and events like “Farmer’s Market @UNU” and “COMMUNE 2nd”; plan, make and manage paper media and websites; handle corporate branding and promotion; and plan, edit and publish in-house magazines such as “TRUE PORTLAND” and “NORAH”.


STUDIO DIG. Kosuke Yoneyama

Places emphasis on the space that meets the needs of modern times, quality materials that express the space. To express identity of each client’s passion, STUDIO DIG.,digs original materials which it is unusual and unique. What I cherish is “digging” = analog work like DIG. The real feeling when touching things directly changes into inspiration.