017: Product

PloomTech Case

A practical accessory for courteous adults
in a texture and colors that exude refinement.

Ploom TECH electronic cigarettes have been popular in Japan since their release because they offer all the flavor of tobacco without the smoky smell.

Users typically carry their Ploom TECH in the included soft case or optional hard case together with a spare battery, cartridge and used capsules. A recent lottery further boosted the popularity of Ploom TECH by offering winners the chance to purchase a fashionable limited edition hard case.

The case was large enough to carry a battery, USB charger, cartridge, mouthpiece and used capsules, yet small enough to easily fit within any bag.

It was made of brass with a sandblasted, plated and clear-coated matte finish in Stone Black, Copper Gold or Silver Ash. The inner lining was pliable and protective Ultrasuede® in a color that complemented the exterior – an ideal material for enhancing the sense of cosmopolitan refinement and carefully storing the treasured Ploom TECH “Cross the Border” series electronic cigarette.

Thanks to the refined color and texture of Ultrasuede®, even the simple act of removing a Ploom TECH from this beautiful case creates a sophisticated impression. For fashionable adults who own this hard case, it has become an essential everyday item for carrying around their electronic cigarettes.


Flowstone Creative Industries Co., Ltd.

The kanji characters (流石 = pronounced sasuga and created from two characters that respectively mean “flow” and “stone”) express a concept intrinsic to Japan. It expresses how things can be advanced in a way that amazes. The phrase “sasuga” is believed to have originated in observing how flowing, flexible water can move the large, hard stones of a mountain. This creative company was established with the aim of moving the entire world like “flowing stones” with their imaginative ideas.