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Experience Swedish coffee culture in Stockholm Roast.
A memorable workshop that will stimulate your five senses.

Coffee culture is deeply rooted in the Northern European country of Sweden where STOCKHOLM ROAST was born. This innovative coffee roaster is a 30-minute drive from the capital city of Stockholm.

Owners Öner and Johan visit Brazil every harvest season to taste dozens of coffees and carefully select three to five kinds of beans. The beans are then carefully roasted to maintain their unique personality and extracted to bring out their distinctive flavor.

Most of the beans in the STOCKHOLM ROAST lineup are single-origin Brazilian (from a specific farm), with flavors that range from richly fruity to nutty. By roasting them somewhat deeply, the owners give them a rich, mildly acidic flavor and impressively clear aftertaste. The beans are also ground rather coarsely to intensify their aroma during manual drip brewing.

This passion-filled roaster has now come to Tokyo as STOCKHOLM ROAST TOKYO. It’s the only coffee stand in Japan officially offering the same beans as Öner and Johan, and it roasts them just like at the original store. Located inside TOBACCO STAND at the entrance of COMMUNE 2nd complex near Omotesando intersection, it even varies the coffee every day to best match the weather and humidity. Many locals say there’s no better way to start your day.

STOCKHOLM ROAST TOKYO’s head barista Wataru Kato recently held two workshops to share his knowledge and experience. The first workshop covered roasting methods, brewing techniques and differences in beans. The second workshop delved deeply into the topic of choosing the right sweets to accompany different types of coffee.

Each workshop ended with participants brewing coffee as instructed into original cups with smooth, soothing coffee-red sleeves. The quality feeling of these Ultrasuede® sleeves further sharpened their senses and made the experience even more memorable.



Stockholm Roast. A small coffee roaster on the outskirts of Stockholm with two hip young owners, Öner and Johan, who personally handle everything from choosing and importing the beans to roasting and selling them wholesale. Eccentric and adventurous, they deeply care about coffee and deliver only the finest beans with a rich aroma and clear aftertaste. Rain or shine, STOCKHOLM ROAST TOKYO always enriches the moment.