015: Interior


A reception brimming with local craftsmanship
for a new hotel deeply connected with the locals.

NOHGA Hotel is scheduled to open in Ueno, Tokyo in October 2018 as part of a project to create new value for hotel guests by offering “unforgettable experiences born of deep neighborhood connections”.

Even in Tokyo, where many areas draw visitors from around the world, Ueno stands out with its unique blend of old and new culture. Guests will enjoy not only a comfortable stay, but also opportunities to collaborate with community members and gain intimate familiarity with the neighborhood.

Following Nomura Real Estate Development’s launch of Nomura Real Estate Hotels, its first hotel business, a reception party and press conference were held to showcase the NOHGA Hotel brand concept.

The Taito Experience reception, named after Taito Ward where Ueno is located, was supported by local residents offering visitors food, crafts and other homegrown Taito experiences. The reception took place at Taito Designers Village, an incubation center in a converted gymnasium established by the Taito Ward local government to support next-generation creators.

The venue featured a hotel-like environment with three gently curving walls designed by phyle, a young design team. The first wall captured the atmosphere of a hotel entrance and was uniquely decorated on the inner side with stabbed pinchos to entertain guests. A second wall, behind the dining area featured bar counters and other furniture to reinforce the sense that this was a hotel. The third wall, in the lounge area, displayed photos of everyday Ueno landscapes taken by photographer Aratani Norma . At NOHGA Hotel, there are plans to set up a gallery space in the lobby where hotel guests and other visitors can admire Ueno culture.

All three walls were covered with Ultrasuede® to impart a feeling of high quality. Two walls were a soothing brown, while the gallery wall was white to bring out the photographs. The warm texture of suede encompassing the whole venue perfectly matched the atmosphere of locally hand-crafted glassware, silverware and other goods. All in all, the reception succeeded in embodying the Taito Experience and introducing the arrival of a hotel that will be deeply rooted in the neighborhood.



This two-designer team plans, designs and produces various spaces. It also creates handmade products under the BP. Tokyo brand and uses vast knowledge of materials to collaborate with craftsmen on the production of custom display fixtures.

The team was selected to create a venue space for the reception because of its skill at bridging design and craftsmanship and its eagerness to boldly take on new challenges.