021: Interior

TOKYO Shinjuku

Every minute is quality time in the new terrace suite
at THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku,
one of Tokyo’s leading lifestyle hotels.

THE KNOT brings together travelers, local residents, history, culture and everything that comprises the host city’s story. It is not a specialty hotel with uniform accommodations nor is it what you would call a luxury hotel. Based on the concept of a “traveling hotel”, it harmonizes with the community and introduces little-known local attractions. In other words, the great attraction of THE KNOT is that guests can enjoy a different experience in every city.

THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku opened in August 2018 and followed THE KNOT YOKOHAMA as THE KNOT’s second hotel. It was born by renovating a 40-year-old hotel that had long been popular in Shinjuku.

“In Paris, New York and elsewhere, hotels are no longer just accommodation facilities,” asserts curator Teruo Kurosaki. “We created a well-designed space that proposes a lifestyle.” The lobby, restaurants and bars are common spaces that anyone, not just hotel guests, can freely use. Visitors can take breaks there, chat, hold casual meetings and work remotely. By accommodating various events such as seminars and parties, the common space also functions as a base for spreading new cultural values.

In addition to the common space, THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku offers a new third floor terrace suite where guests can enjoy quality time. The suite, together with its terrace, measures over 200 square meters and features a twin bed, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and two toilets. Views from the terrace encompass the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and convey how centrally the hotel is located. The greenery of Shinjuku Central Park also spreads out before one’s eyes to relieve stress.

The walls of the corridor leading to the suite are covered with Ultrasuede® featuring stripes in three colors that proclaim the suite’s singularity. Ultrasuede® also covers the bedside wall, which is earth colored and softly reflects the room’s lighting and sunlight to engender a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

A textile work of art by artist Yasuaki Kuroda on the Ultrasuede® covered bedside wall was naturally dyed one thread at a time before weaving. Like the changing seasons in Shinjuku Chuo Park, it conveys the passage of time. The effort that clearly went into dyeing and weaving also creates a sense of luxury and beauty.

The terrace suite is graced with urban decor that harmonizes with the space. Together with the calming texture of Ultrasuede®, it slows down time for the pleasure of guests.



Interior Designer. Born in Yokohama in 1985, he established his interior design office “STUDIO DIG” in 2014, and his wide-ranging work covers clients from restaurants and bridal salons to offices and “umi no ie” (beachside clubhouses/bars). He puts a priority on space that in synch with current needs, and high-quality materials that express that space.