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Playfully designed high-quality bags for any occasion

TOSHIKI, an up-and-coming bag brand by designer Toshiki Yagizawa, attracted widespread attention when it collaborated with French creative duo M/M Paris at J.W.Anderson Workshops, a space in East London.

In late August through early September 2019, the bag brand also hosted the “Toshiki with Ultrasuede®” exhibition at Shibuya CIRCLE, where it presented and sold bags from its latest collection. The bags were inspired by Mr. Yagisawa’s fascination with the lightness, high quality and rich coloring of Ultrasuede®.

The main bodies of the bags feature plenty of Ultrasuede®, including a big fluorescent nylon outer pocket that radiates positive sensory energy. While the designs are playful, the quality of the material makes them versatile enough for use in any occasion. They are also highly functional and easy to use every day.

Dubbed the “Elephant” series, the bags are characterized by a nylon belt reminiscent of an elephant’s trunk. The design was highly acclaimed for its novel playfulness and the brand is considering the release of a second series as well.

TOSHIKI’s Ultrasuede® bags on exhibit at Shibuya CIRCLE could be viewed from outside the venue through a circular window. This approach was highly effective at catching the eyes of passersby. Even the furniture in the exhibit was created by TOSHIKI designers.

All of the bags were handmade in Tokyo. “We plan to continue using Ultrasuede® to make bags that suit urban lifestyles,” exclaimed Mr. Yagisawa. As a brand impacting Tokyo fashion, TOSHKI is worth keeping an eye on in the future.



A bag brand by Japanese designer Toshiki Yagisawa. Created in collaboration with M/M Paris and released through J.W.Anderson Workshops, TOSHIKI bags are attracting widespread attention. The brand has also announced the release of goods produced in collaboration with popular illustrator Masanao Hirayama.