003: Exhibition

PR01 Trade Show
Meeting Lounge

Smooth business match-making happens
in the soft-to-the-touch warmth of meeting space.

Conceived as a platform that brings Asia together under one roof, PR01.TRADE SHOW again was held in Tokyo in 2015. It presented a meticulously curated group of collections from Tokyo and around the world and showcased about 70 brands.

The venue is divided into showrooms, giving buyers a better understanding of the exhibiting brands and creating more business match-making opportunities. The 2015 show drew 3,500 members of the press and buyers from around Japan and the world, and provided brands with a special venue to fully express their characteristics of regionality and era as well as their charm. Of course, sales negotiation space is essential at trade shows to forge links between the brands, press and buyers.

In this typically sterile space devoid of human warmth, Ultrasuede® was chosen to give this area an inviting dimension. One row of desks was arranged in the limited confines of the long and narrow sales negotiation space. A continuous sheet of Ultrasuede® was applied from below the top board, creating a decorative interior that ties all the desks together, and leads buyers and designers into the depths of a vibrant sales negotiation area.

Because of the close proximity between seated persons and the Ultrasuede®, they may encounter its soft texture as they quite unintentionally come in contact with the material during negotiations.

Also on the window-side and wall-side floor area, a long strip of Ultrasuede® was similarly applied, unifying the space. The eye is captured by Ultrasuede® laid on the floor along the wall. The visitor’s line of sight is drawn to the depths of the space as it traces the arc of the line that seems to rise toward the ceiling.

Seamlessly integrating with the spatial topography, the result is revolutionary method of expression that exploits the recognizable lightness of the material and visible high quality.

This extensive use of Ultrasuede® to create such a dynamic space is not only unprecedented, but also innovative – a fascinating example of the alchemy that occurs between the hand of the creator and a material with unlimited possibilities.



Performing both promotion and production functions, PRO1 is a business division of H.P. FRANCE S.A., and is engaged in promotion, branding and media planning services for fashion brands both in Japan and around the world. Events organized and held by PRO1 include PRO1.TRADE SHOW – one of the largest exhibitions of its kind, and SHIBUYA FASHION FESTIVAL.