002: Interior

Shared Office

Workspace radiating a sense of rhythm and depth
stimulates creativity with the boldness of color.

Midori.so is workspace where members from different jobs, nationalities, interests and ideas gather in pursuit of innovative ways of working together. Just like Tokiwa.so – the famous manga artist atelier, the members of Midori-so aim to create a place where out of the chaotic energy of collaboration will be born something truly unique.

Continuing the traditions established by MIDORI.so 1 in Aobadai, Meguro Ward, MIDORI.so 2 was constructed within Omotesando’s COMMUNE 246 in 2014. On the premises are a diversity of stimulating facilities ranging from cafés and food carts to Freedom University where new learning styles are proposed. This is a place where a new and creative community is taking shape. The material used for the partitions between fixed desks is Ultrasuede®.

The first floor of MIDORI.so 2 has a gallery, lounge, free-address desks and meetings rooms. Upstairs on the second floor are fixed-desks for regular members.
Wood is used as a base to lend an atmosphere of warmth, while the extensive application of different colors of Ultrasuede® for each desk area is experiment in bold interior design. Unlike the monotony of typical workspace, the result is an environment with a sense of rhythm and depth.

While fully exploiting the excellent color reproduction quality of Ultrasuede® throughout the space, the suede texture of the material also imbues a sense of calming refinement. Despite the vivid reds, blues and yellows, there is a gentle ambience that enables members to immerse themselves in their work.

Through future periodic replacement with different colors and textile types of Ultrasuede®, MIDORI.so aims to constantly bring a breath of fresh air into the workplace and have a positive and stimulating impact on the activities of its members. Only a material like Ultrasuede® with its endless diversity of patterns could make this creative interior approach a reality.


Flowstone Creative Industries Co., Ltd.

The kanji characters (流石 = pronounced sasuga and created from two characters that respectively mean “flow” and “stone”) express a concept intrinsic to Japan. It expresses how things can be advanced in a way that amazes. The phrase “sasuga” is believed to have originated in observing how flowing, flexible water can move the large, hard stones of a mountain. This creative company was established with the aim of moving the entire world like “flowing stones” with their imaginative ideas.