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First Shoes Workshop

For the comfort of your baby’s “first shoes”, light weight and
breathability plus design excellence are the deciding factors!

Next Gravity Revolution is the creation of shoe designer Makoto Nagura and his continuing quest to create the “next level” of shoes that “liberate the wearer from the forces of gravity” while paying homage to the rich history of leather shoes. Rather than pursuing shoemaking that believes long-time wearing of the shoe will eventually produce a shoe that fits the foot, he has adopted a “Hitoariki” approach that puts a priority on the feelings and sensation of the wearer and presented his creations under his original brand N.G.R.

While continuing to pursue the craft of shoemaking, Makoto Nagura launched N.G.R. baby shoes workshops in 2011 to produce high-quality “first shoes” for babies. Inspired by the concept of “With thought for one’s own child and thought for somebody, the hand moves”, he began this project, holding about one or two workshops every 6 months – each winning more acclaim from participants.

While he had been using leather for the uppers in the making of the moccasin baby shoes, he first began using Ultrasuede® at the workshop held at MIDORI.so 2 in spring of 2015.

In addition to the material’s superb color reproduction, its texture is soft, but with just the right firmness and suppleness. Available in different colors, Ultrasuede® in two layers delivered a good degree of strength, making it ideal for sewing together moccasin shoes with French seams (raw seam is visible) and without the need for backing material. Moreover, its sense of lightness and excellent breathability also contributed to his judgment that this material was suitable for a baby’s first shoes.

While eliminating waste as much as possible to get the most out of the material’s merits, he has taken full advantage of the reversibility of the double layering, and created a classic wallaby-style design with creation of the fringe at the shoe opening just when it is folded over. Makoto Nagura commented, “This was a design that was inspired by the material and just naturally took shape in a convincing and satisfying way.”

After experiencing the texture and quality of Ultrasuede® firsthand in the workshops, all participants agree that the functional qualities of material more than satisfied their requirements for shoes for their precious children. Makoto Nagura noted with confidence, “I couldn’t be happier with the enthusiastic and positive response from my customers.”


Makoto Nagura

Following graduation from a school specializing in shoemaking, he was employed by Kobe Leather Cloth Co., Ltd. and mastered shoe tree/pattern modeling. In 2008, he established Bespoke shoes N.G.R. products. The brand name N.G.R., which stands for “Next Gravity Revolution”, expresses liberation from the forces of gravity. It is a shoe brand that explores the “next level” of footwear that considers history an asset. In 2011, he launched his popular N.G.R. baby shoes workshops, and in 2015, he opened his combination shoe atelier and shop in Asakusa.

Suzuki Bldg. 1F, 7-1-12 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed Wednesdays)