005: Interior

Isuzu 117Coupe

A rare Japanese automotive masterpiece is updated and made
available as a one-of-a-kind rental you’ll never want to let go.

In the project by the online motor magazine “DRIVE THRU”, an ISUZU 117 Coupe, a rare Japanese collectible originally styled by the famed Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, was fully restored and updated to 21st century standards with the full cooperation of ISUZU SPORT – a company that specializes in the maintenance and restoration of this classic.

Since September 2015, rechristened the DT 117 Coupe, this car has been attracting many fans as a rental/shared car.

Featuring “Made in Japan” mechanics of the era, ISUZU 117 Coupe is a rare Japanese classic car. Complete restored to better than new condition with consideration given to the convenience and comfort of today’s users, the car radiates its defining elegance and the philosophy that made it one of a kind.

It is equipped with an automatic transmission so that anyone can easily experience the joy of driving this car. Everything from the electrical system to the air-conditioning system is brand new, and has been enhanced with features like power steering and an audio system complete with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. For the seat material, the next-generation material Ultrasuede® is used.

Found in many luxury cars, the textural quality and soft touch of Ultrasuede® was a perfect match for updating this vintage car. Ultrasuede® was also used for the armrests, always providing the pleasure of a touch of luxury for the driver’s hand when away from controls.

The white body exterior is stylishly contrasted by the black interior. The interior’s quiet color scheme enhances the comfort of the space. The genuine original steering wheel also coordinates beautifully with re-envisioned interior.

ISUZU 117 Coupe can be reserved for a driving experience via the car sharing app “Anyca”. The place to pick up and return the car is COMMUNE 246 in Minami Aoyama. Though you may not become infected with the car bug, after just a few minutes behind the wheel and being the object of envious glances, you too will be seduced by this timeless car.


Shogo Jinbo

Born in Fukuoka City in Fukuoka Prefecture. Following graduation from the School of Law of Fukuoka University, he joined the UK-based car magazine INTERSECTION and studied overseas in London. In the course of his studies, he mastered both video editing and graphic design. He returned to Japan for the launch of the Japanese edition of INTERSECTION JAPAN, and joined the company that published the magazine, CAELUM Ltd. In 2014, he launched the online motor magazine DRIVE THRU where he presently works.

The project-based online motor magazine shines a spotlight on a diversity of mobility. The featured lineup of cars and motocycles can actually be ordered by interested purchasers. Under the theme of “Moving”, the publication promotes a creative life of mobility.