001: Product

BAtoMA Information

Already translating the designer’s ideas into tangible creations,
the supple material is unlocking even more future product possibilities.

During Design Week at Space O in Omotesando Hills, the “BAtoMA information” exhibition introduced visitors to novel ways to enjoy interior design. Among them, “45ℓCUSION” designed by mountain house architects and featuring the use of Utrasuede® was announced at the ICHIRO 2014 NEW COLLECTION – OVER THE RAINBOW/Design Beyond Color” booth of furniture manufacturer ICHIRO.

The product called “45ℓCUSION” is an experiment that seeks to add innovative value by using high quality material to create an everyday 45 liter-size bag and placing a variety of materials in the bag.

The designer was attracted by the unrivalled texture and quality of “feel” of Ultrasuede® deerskin as well as its color reproduction quality. On the exhibited 3 types of bags, he printed very bold pattern graphics.

On occasion, it can function as laundry box. By adding and arranging size variations, it can serve as a sofa. This was his vision for this unique product.
The bag can hold an endless diversity of materials and items from cushion material and stuffed animals to plastic. The different cushioning sensation depending on the material content when a person sits on the bag is one of its distinctive features.

This project demonstrated how Utrasuede® can serve as a textile canvas for a collaborative work by graphic artist and patterners. By using Utrasuede® as the fabric in the manufacture of products in the future, the designer comments that he can broaden the scope of his creative vision in the pursuit of new projects.


Akira Yamage

Born in Mie prefecture in 1980. Following graduation from high school, worked as a hair stylist. Discovery of his love for architecture led to his pursuit of a career as an architect and his studies at Musashino Art University. Employed by Torafu Architects from 2010 to 2013 where he was in charge of a variety of projects from architectural design to TVCM stage art, furniture design and product design. Established mountain house architects in 2013 where he focuses on the design of the tangible and intangible things related to living, always treasuring the little things that capture his eye in everyday life.


“ICHIRO NO ILO” Project (The Furniture of ICHIRO)

Well known for the manufacture and sales of decorative laminated veneer sheet material, ICHIRO is based in Shiga prefecture. Inspired by their desire to create “furniture for life” that fundamentally redefines the concept of furniture in living space, the company launched the “ICHIRO NO IRO” Project. “ILO” in Esperanto means furniture. Titles of notable works resulting from the project were “KOLORO Desk” and “KOLORO Tool” – names taken from Esperanto word “KOLORO” which means color.