034: Interior

P-144 in Papillon Bldg

Welcome to P-144, a new community base in Ikebukuro with pubs and
event space where everyone can spread their wings.

P-144 opened in Papillon Bldg. near the east exit of Ikebukuro Station on March 1, 2023. This new community hub is a joint project of Sunshine City Corporation and good mornings Co., Ltd. The “P” in P-144 is short for Papillon while the “-144” is derived from the address (Higashi-Ikebukuro 1-4-4). Prior to opening, the top two floors of the 5-story building were removed to reduce environmental impact and improve earthquake resistance. The renovated 60-year-old building is now 3 stories tall.

“Papillon”, the name of the building, means butterfly in French and expresses the hope that visitors will shed their status, spread their wings and be themselves while there.
The first floor pub serves six original craft beers and is already a community magnet where many people gather. The landings on the way to the second floor include a hidden-away rest area where you can peer down at the pub through a window.

A cafe pub on the second floor serves craft beer and various meals including herbal curry, minced pork rice and noodles. Wooden chairs with rounded backrests create a rhythmic pattern throughout the space and the suede-like texture of their Ultrasuede® covered cushions perfectly complement the gentle atmosphere. Sofas along one wall are also similarly covered with Ultrasuede®, contributing to a pleasing sense of harmony.

The third-floor event space nicknamed Garden will gradually host pop-up stores and events like talk shows and exhibitions. On the day we visited, original coasters and beers were on display expressing the concept of Papillon Bldg.

A private room in the basement can be reserved for meetings and parties. Squarish stools and a bench surround a dividable oval table and all seating is topped with comfortable Ultrasuede® covered cushions that beautifully complement the beige and pinkish walls.

Papillon Bldg. stands out like a relaxing oasis against the visual information overload of busy city streets. It is steadily gaining attention from tourists and others as a community hub worth visiting.


Mayumi Kurabayashi

Sunshine City Corporation
She is mainly engaged in operating Sunshine City, an urban complex in the Ikebukuro district of Toshima Ward with an aquarium, observatory, theater and office buildings.
Since 2020, she has also been involved in developing Ikebukuro communities to make them more attractive.

Yu Mizushiro

Representative Director, good mornings Co., Ltd.
From 2002 to 2012, he was involved with IDEE Co., Ltd. in opening stores, cafes and community spaces that incorporate lifestyle content. Since establishing good mornings Co., Ltd. in 2012, he has been helping create spaces that resolve local issues and increase value in Marunouchi, Nihonbashi and throughout Japan. His company specializes in planning and managing creative spaces and producing media centered on food and culture. It is currently operating three bases with different concepts in Tokyo and handling area production and product direction in collaboration with other companies and governments.