035: Interior

Femto Partners

Making the most of upper floors in the city center.
A comfortable space for business meetings and chats.

Femto Partners LLP invests in early-stage startups like PLAID, Inc. and note inc. that have potential to change the world. It proposes strategies and capitalization policies capable of transforming IT-based startups into mega ventures.

Located on the upper floors of a building in Aoyama, Tokyo, Femto Partner’s greets investors from around the world with a quiet, shaded entrance that emanates harmony. A corridor raises anticipation as you head toward the meeting room.
When the meeting room door opens, the center of Tokyo spreads out before you in a view that takes full advantage of upper floor windows. A skeleton ceiling further enhances the feeling of openness, while a wooden interior creates a sense of stability and potential.

Ultrasuede® accents the interior with a calm blue color that formalizes the warm space, making it suitable for business negotiations.

As in the meeting room, the office provides an expansive view of the city. Ultrasuede® covered cushions on benches along the curved walls have a comfortable suede texture that encourages breaktime relaxation and casual conversation.

It’s a comfortable space in an ideal office where not only business negotiations, but also innovative ideas give birth to success.


Akira Yamage

Born in Mie Prefecture in 1980.
After graduating from high school, he worked as a hairdresser.
Fascinated by architecture, he entered Musashino Art University and aspired to become an architect.
He worked at TORAFU ARCHITECTS from 2010 to 2013 and was in charge of various projects including architecture projects, stage design for TV commercials, and the design of furniture and products.
He founded mountain house architects inc in 2013.
He designs various items related to daily life and cherishes daily awareness.

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