010: Interior

CULET by New Jewelry
Display Case

Like exhibiting a work of art, the display brings out the singular beauty of
one-of-a-kind crafted jewelry with its neutral-colored setting.

“New Jewelry”, a series of exhibitions showcasing jewelry by young artisans at the cutting edge, was launched in 2010. Bringing together works of amazing creativity and meticulous craftsmanship that transcend genre and categorization, these exhibitions attract countless fans to marvel at creations that can be encountered only at these events. Another reason for the show’s popularity is the opportunity to directly engage with the creators and delve into the concepts behind their works and the uncompromising techniques that produced them.

In 2016, the Shinjuku and Nagoya outlets of ISETAN department store opened “CULET by New Jewelry”, a boutique that offers a selection of works by “New Jewelry” artisans. The increasingly bustling shop is evidence that fans welcome this additional chance to view and shop for truly original jewelry whenever they desire.

On the jewelry floor where shoppers are greeted by brand shops that need no introduction, the importance of creating a display that sets this boutique apart from the others cannot be understated. After giving careful consideration to the subtle colors interwoven into the works by the young artists and designing a display method that brings out the distinctive forms of the jewelry, Ultrasuede® was chosen as the key material to create the setting.

Here the merits of this material are used as the background in the showcase. In order to create a setting that best shows off the stars of the shop – the jewelry, flat monotone colors like white and grey were chosen, while the characteristic luxurious look-and-feel of Ultrasuede® is ideal for jewelry display. While highlighting the individuality of each piece, the material also unifies the bird’s-eye view of the space, creating a total look for “CULET by New Jewelry”.

Since the adoption of Ultrasuede®, the boutique has continued to enjoy a steady stream of patrons and admirers. A firsthand look at this superlative artistic display of jewelry that resonates sensually and aesthetically is worth a visit.


Akira Yamage

Born in Mie prefecture in 1980. Following graduation from high school, worked as a hair stylist. Discovery of his love for architecture led to his pursuit of a career as an architect and his studies at Musashino Art University. Employed by Torafu Architects from 2010 to 2013 where he was in charge of a variety of projects from architectural design to TVCM stage art, furniture design and product design. Established mountain house architects in 2013 where he focuses on the design of the tangible and intangible things related to living, always treasuring the little things that capture his eye in everyday life.