009: Interior

Startups Office

In an office that embodies their slogan,
a meeting room unifies function and design.

With “Opening the Black Box of Information” as their slogan, ONE CAREER Inc. mainly plans and holds recruiting events that “disclose” corporate information to university students and provides corporate consulting services to support their recruitment activities. This design project was undertaken for the relocation of their offices.

The word “Black Box” had been concretely translated into offices with black as the base color up to now. However, in this project, while the entrance is done in black, there was desire to add the dimension of openness and present a world view of transparency.

On both sides of the entrance are meeting rooms. Space has been created with a level of transparency that allows visitors to see what’s happening inside through the glass even before entering the company. In this project, Ultrasuede® has been applied to the walls of those meetings rooms and the rear wall of the lounge.

For the meeting room to the left facing the entrance, refreshing blue was chosen as the color while the one on the right is a calm shade of green. It is imagined that each is used for different purposes, for example, visiting students engaged in job hunting may be shown to the blue space, while business clients may be escorted to the green room for discussions and negotiations in a relaxing atmosphere. Before opening the door, the eye is captured by the vivid color of Ultrasuede® and its interesting contrast with the black of the entrance.

Also visible through the backless shelves set up against wall in the rear of the lounge is purple Ultrasuede®. The beauty of the color enhances the attractiveness of the recessed space, and while quite natural, it lends the display a sense of presence.

Industries are increasingly concerned about information security, which makes the choice of suede with its excellent sound insulation properties an especially good fit for meeting rooms. Also from standpoint of promoting corporate trust, its functionality and quality make it an appropriate material. The positive response of visitors to the warmth of its appearance further supports the success of this new case study as an application of Ultrasuede® in office space.



Collaborating with creators across a wide range of genres, this unique group of people produces space for a variety of requirements from office space for startups to retail space. Not only active in the city, TRAIL HEADS tows their mobile office “OFFICE CARAVAN” to destinations around Japan, planning events to be held at mountain and seaside locations.


Kosuke Yoneyama

Interior Designer. Born in Yokohama in 1985, he established his interior design office “STUDIO DIG” in 2014, and his wide-ranging work covers clients from restaurants and bridal salons to offices and “umi no ie” (beachside clubhouses/bars). He puts a priority on space that in synch with current needs, and high-quality materials that express that space.