011: Interior

Shared Office

Library and the serenity of an adjoining bedroom –
workspace with a “lived-in” ambience provides hints for a new work lifestyle.

Following the success of MIDORI.so1 in Aobadai, Meguro-ku and MIDORI.so2 in COMMUNE 2nd in trendsetting Omotesando, the unique workspace MIDORI-so3 opened in Nagatacho. This is the third in the “Green House” series – creative and collaborative shared space that aspires to shape the future of how people work and even the jobs they may pursue. MIDORI.so3 aims at creating “high quality chaos” in Nagatacho, one of the centers of business and politics in Tokyo. As in the case of MIDORI.so1 and 2, the membership includes people of all ages and nationalities and even a startup enterprise from overseas launching its business in Japan. This place is rapidly becoming the axis for a variety of movements that will shape tomorrow.

One of the highlights of MIDORI.so3 is its outstanding library. The collection spans a broad range of genres from classical and modern literature to art as well as highly specialized categories, and includes many books of high historical value. Whether in search of inspiration or satisfying a desire to refresh one’s frame of mind, the convenience of the shelves is literally in easy reach.

Two features of the space immediately stand out: the carefully calculated beauty of the library shelves and the adjoining bedroom. According to MIDORI.so3 founder Teruo Kurosaki, a wish to sleep surrounded by books was his inspiration for designing a bedroom with bookshelves. However, this is much more than just space to curl up with a good book. It also functions as a space where members can grab a few winks after an all-nighter or a guest house where visiting backpackers can stay while taking advantage of MIDORI.so3’s facilities to get some work done.

Ultrasuede® has been used for the wall surfaces of the bedroom and the curtain dividing the library and bedroom. This is a place where members will spend a certain amount of time so it was important to select a calm color that coordinates well with the books. The faint but warm light falling the spines and covers brings out their seductively distinctive texture. The bookshelves themselves also have been accented with Ultrasuede® in various places, enhancing the ambience.

Joining the lounge where members can interact and a fully equipped kitchen, the attached bedroom is a signature addition to MIDORI.so3’s unique charm as workspace with a vibrant lived-in feeling. Together they contribute not only to forming a community that fosters stronger bonds among the members, but also to a certain extent, the creation of an experimental environment that reveals an exciting and novel way of working.


Kosuke Yoneyama

Interior Designer. Born in Yokohama in 1985, he established his interior design office “STUDIO DIG” in 2014, and his wide-ranging work covers clients from restaurants and bridal salons to offices and “umi no ie” (beachside clubhouses/bars). He puts a priority on space that in synch with current needs, and high-quality materials that express that space.



* There are also other Ultrasuede®︎ materials that have been specially treated and used for this case study.