036: Interior

(Wonder -Powered You)

WPÜ – a hotel and student dormitory
with open spaces that stimulate creativity

Located near the west exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, WPÜ (Wonder-Powered You) serves as both a hotel and a dormitory that accepts international students from Shinjuku’s many universities and vocational schools. The living environment has an international atmosphere that encourages interaction among students.
Common areas at WPÜ were produced by Flowstone Creative Industries Co., Ltd. to express the concept of the facility. They include an art gallery, virtual gallery, record shop, and cafe with sound booth. The galleries are in lounge areas where guests, residents and visitors can create and exhibit art or express themselves through music and talk.

Common areas feature vintage furniture, furniture by young designers and a large kitchen for resident students. Chefs and restaurants sometimes use the common areas for pop-up events that are open to the public. This further sets WPÜ apart from ordinary hotels.

The sound booth, which allows podcast recordings and doubles as a DJ booth, is in the basement’s (B1) WPÜ Cafe. A large solid wood table in the center of the cafe sits below egg-shaped light bulbs and boards arranged to symbolize a bird’s nest. It’s one of the icons of this cafe where residents and cafe customers gather.

Two collages by artist Changang Lee are also displayed in the cafe. They embody the energy of Shinjuku and fascinate visitors who can enjoy craft beer, natural wine and coffee from around the world until 10pm every day.

Sofas and walls near the cash register are covered with Ultrasuede® that casually accents the space, complements the abundant wood, and contributes to a soothing atmosphere where gatherers can relax and spend free time as they like.

The area around WPÜ may be redeveloped in the next few years. But no matter how much the area changes, WPÜ will carry on the character of Shinjuku where all kinds of people with different personalities come and go with chaotic creativity.


Flowstone Creative Industries Co., Ltd.

The kanji characters (流石 = pronounced sasuga and created from two characters that respectively mean “flow” and “stone”) express a concept intrinsic to Japan. It expresses how things can be advanced in a way that amazes. The phrase “sasuga” is believed to have originated in observing how flowing, flexible water can move the large, hard stones of a mountain. This creative company was established with the aim of moving the entire world like “flowing stones” with their imaginative ideas.