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Yokosuka Port Market
Connecting the community and spreading local food culture.

Yokosuka Port Market was established in a renewed marine product freezing warehouse near Yokosuka New Port Wharf in 2013. It closed in 2019 for a major renovation and reopened in the fall of 2022.

The market’s new “Miura Peninsula Food Experience” concept reflects a focus on fresh ingredients from the Miura Peninsula and helps connect visitors with the region through food. The floor space is now twice as large as before thanks to removal of a 40cm thick wall, and a high ceiling contributes to a wide open atmosphere.

Restaurants and confectionaries complement shops selling seafood, vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products. There are delicious Yokosuka craft beers only available at this market, rice bowls with seafood fresh from the port, and much more – all prepared for enjoyment of the rich local food culture.

Large windows and a wide wooden deck take advantage of the seafront location to provide a clear view of the sea for an even greater sense of comfort and spaciousness. Mikasa Park and a terminal providing ferries to Sarushima Island are adjacent to the market, contributing to an attractive environment where Miura Peninsula can be fully enjoyed.

The facilities were designed by Flowstone Creative Industries and are operated by Ichigo Inc. These two companies last collaborated on The KNOT Tokyo Shinjuku, a lifestyle hotel that attracted much attention.

Yokosuka Port Market also features an office space and kitchen beside the shops and open spaces. Here, learning takes place through food-related workshops and food events where dishes made from Yokosukan ingredients are served. A lounge area is also provided for relaxation, desk work and meetings.

A small library in the lounge presents books on the history and food culture of Yokosuka. Sunlight illuminates the books through a glass skylight and brings out the quality texture of navy blue Ultrasuede® that stands out beautifully against painted light bluish gray walls.

Yokosuka’s colorful history fuses with the sensibilities of a new era to create a unique food culture that Ultrasuede® helps attractively convey to the world. We look forward to the continued success of these facilities.


Flowstone Creative Industries Co., Ltd.

The kanji characters (流石 = pronounced sasuga and created from two characters that respectively mean “flow” and “stone”) express a concept intrinsic to Japan. It expresses how things can be advanced in a way that amazes. The phrase “sasuga” is believed to have originated in observing how flowing, flexible water can move the large, hard stones of a mountain. This creative company was established with the aim of moving the entire world like “flowing stones” with their imaginative ideas.