007: Interior

Tobacco Stand

Touches of beautiful coloring come together in an exquisite balance
and inject the spirit of fun into a spot for the adult pleasure of smoking.

Tobacco has been used since ancient times. People enjoy a smoke after getting up in the morning, during work breaks, after dinner… It is an integral part of the rhythm of life of tobacco afficianados. The opening of TOBACCO STAND promises to further expand their enjoyment.

Located a stone’s throw from Omotesando Station and near the entrance to COMMUNE 246 in Tokyo, it is already a popular spot for office workers and passers-by to casually drop in for break and engage in light conversation with a new acquaintance enjoy a chat, each enjoying the flavor and aroma of tobacco according to their own personal preference.

In addition to offering daily enjoyment of a wide variety of cigarettes, TOBACCO STAND boasts a lineup of over 200 varieties covering every genre from cigars and electronic cigarette products to the traditional kiseru pipes of Japan. Customers can also sample certain tobacco products. The shop also has a menu of beverages to complement the flavor of quality tobacco – only coffee and espresso but also a highball made from corn whisky with legacy that dates back to the days of Prohibition in America.

The main color of the interior is dark gray, and the quiet refinement of the atmosphere makes it ideal for the genuine enjoyment of tobacco lovers. Ultrasuede® is used for the back of the showcases arranged against the wall.

The beauty of the color reproduction quality of the material immediately captures the eye. By the subtly balanced arrangment of a total of 5 colors, they play an important role as effect colors. Even though 5 colors are used, they are not overpowering, and instead enhance the overall chicness of the interior.

One wall is lined with cigarette packages, and here and there graphics accent the interior, but the entire space is tied together with the unifying power of Ultrasuede®. By adding the spirit of fun to a place for the enjoyment of the luxury item of tobacco, this innovative material once again reveals another aspect of its potential in interior design.


Flowstone Creative Industries Co., Ltd.

The kanji characters (流石 = pronounced sasuga and created from two characters that respectively mean “flow” and “stone”) express a concept intrinsic to Japan. It expresses how things can be advanced in a way that amazes. The phrase “sasuga” is believed to have originated in observing how flowing, flexible water can move the large, hard stones of a mountain. This creative company was established with the aim of moving the entire world like “flowing stones” with their imaginative ideas.